Our client in the mining sector is looking to fill the position of Pit Supervisor.

The incumbent will be expected to fulfil the following tasks and responsibilities, but will not only be limited to them:

1) Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in strip or pit mining or in quarrying: studies contour maps and aerial photographs to determine locations for roads and cuts.

2) Supervises road construction crew and lays out the blast pattern.

3) Supervises drilling and shooting crews in drilling blast holes and detonation of charges.

4) Plans location of spoil pile to allow maximum room for stripping.

5) Coordinates stripping, drilling, blasting, quarrying, and loading activities, and assists workers with faulty equipment.

6) Determines property lines and legal limits of operations in order to comply with the rights of adjoining property owners and mining laws.

7) Schedules running and major repair work on drilling machine and stripping and loading shovels.

8) Requisitions supplies, such as explosives, lubricants, bits, and machine parts.

9) Observes mining operation to detect violation of safety regulations and compiles safety and production records.

10) May supervise crushing operations.

11) May train new workers.

12) May be designated according to specific work performed as Supervisor, Drilling And Shooting; Supervisor, Blasting.

13) Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.

Must have relevant qualifications and be adequately experienced to take up this role