Prorecuit Consultants - About Us


Prorecruit Consultants specialises in talent acquisition by providing a strategic approach to discovering, engaging and onboarding top talent to proficiently and effectually meet dynamic business needs.

As a forward thinking organisation, we provide a holistic service to ensure your business is equipped with top talent geared for success. Our services include Recruitment, Assessment and Integration. When it comes to Talent Solutions we are your business partner of choice.



  • We recognise our responsibility to influence careers and lives through our insights, advise and solutions.
  • We strictly adhere to a code of professional ethics with an emphasis on integrity and treating everyone with dignity and respect.
  • We ensure quality through efficient and tailor made solutions for every client.
  • We value long term relationships with our clients and we work to build partnerships.
  • We endeavour to be uplifting, energetic and resourceful.
  • We are agile, knowledgeable and committed to meeting your needs.
  • We are passionate about exceeding client expectations.
  • We invest fully in the training and development of our own people and in technology to ensure you receive world class service.
  • This distinctive culture continues to attract exceptional people to our company and we are resolved to continue touching the pinnacle of professionalism in our work.




Organisations looking to improve efficiency and performance realise that success is linked to Talent, its knowledge, skills and abilities. Prorecruit Consultants pushes talent sourcing beyond the realms of traditional search and select, capitalising on technology and a deep industry acumen.

Our holistic approach to talent sourcing enables us to discover, engage and present brilliant people aligned to an organisation’s culture. Tactical in our thinking with an agile approach to future needs, our service goes far beyond the conventional recruitment process by conducting a thorough analysis of both our clients and candidates.

Prorecruit Consultants take their time to truly understand a client, as we believe it is essential to understand an organisation’s culture as well as their business, in order to source the right candidate. Our insight then accelerates our ability to source the best candidate leading to a successful and lasting appointment.

Our team is passionate about exceeding you expectations through exceptional speed; accuracy and service.


Our core business is talent acquisition and in our endeavor to be a holistic and forward thinking business, we also offer Assessment and Integration services. These additional offerings are in line with best practice and ensure accountability for future hires performance is shared by the agency and employer. As your business partner, it is in our best interest to supply you with candidates aligned to your culture that will produce results from day one.