Our Client In The FMCG Sector Is Looking To Hire A Business Manager To Effectively And Efficiently Run Their Logistics and Distribution Chain.

Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for coordinating trucks and their routes, nationwide. Handling a fleet of 20 trucks minimum.
Establish a plan, gather resources, mobilize, and carry out business operations.
Ensure all stocks are accurate and accounted for at all times.
Ensure accurate cash flow records and banking is done by all depots and truck sales.
Coordinate and supervise the team.
Ensure all customer complaints are expeditiously resolved.
Produce and report to the Directors on the performance and financial standing of the business.
Team management of all depot staff.
Develop and efficiently execute Real Time Marketing planning.

Bachelor’s degree in Sales, Business Administration, Business Management or a related field 
Minimum 12 years of experience in FMCG industry.
Must be able to handle a fleet of 20 trucks minimum.