Our Client is looking for a suitably qualified and experienced individual to oversee the financial operations of a leading Agribusiness Entity. The Finance Manager will play a key role in ensuring the efficient financial management and strategic decision-making of the company. This role requires a strong understanding of financial principles, excellent analytical skills, and the ability to work collaboratively across various teams.

• Execute comprehensive financial strategies aligned with the goals of the operations
• Prepare annual budgets, forecasts, and financial models to guide decision-making.
• Ensure compliance with local financial regulations, tax laws, and reporting standards.
• Monitor and manage operational costs, identifying areas for cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
• Collaborate with operational teams to implement cost-effective measures without compromising quality.
• Manage cash flow, ensuring availability of funds for daily operations, investments, and capital projects.
• Forecast cash flow requirements and implement strategies to optimize cash resources.
• Identify financial risks and recommend strategies to mitigate them.
• Develop and maintain effective internal controls to safeguard assets and ensure accuracy of financial records.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams on financial projects, such as capital investments, acquisitions, and business expansion.
• Lead, mentor, and guide a team of finance, fostering their growth and development.
• Liaise with external auditors, tax authorities, and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and resolve financial queries.
• Build and maintain strong relationships with internal stakeholders and creditors, fostering effective communication and collaboration.