Cost/Management Accountant

Our Client In The Manufacturing Sector Is Seeking to Employ a Cost/Management Accountant. Applicants Must Have At Least Three years experience in a similar position and be a registered Chartered Accountant with ICAZ.

Duties and Responsibilities
Analyzing and gathering information to evaluate the effectiveness of financial procedures.
Assisting in reducing monetary risks
Creating and implementing reasonable financial policies.
Supervising the younger monetary division staff and accounting procedures.
Assisting in the preparation of economic reports and spending plans.
Engaging in auditing and taxation techniques.
Reviewing benefits and payment bundles.
Ensuring that financial monitoring policies, and procedures, comply with regulatory requirements.
Assisting in the security and confidentiality of sensitive and critical information.
Keeping abreast of all regulatory requirements and the best methods in management accounting. Budgeting and reporting.
Encouraging calculated preparation and company planning.
Providing monetary evaluations and forecasting.
Managing capital investment.
Generating statutory and also administration accounts.
Ensuring compliance with all monetary laws.
Analyzing essential monetary information
Generating economic declarations, including the capital, variation analysis, and commentaries.

Qualifications and Experience
Must have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance
Must be a registered Chartered Accountant
Must have working experience within the FMCG sector
Must have at least a minimum of 3 years working experience in a similar role