Corporate Financial Analyst

Duties Include( but not limited to):
Analyzing Financial Data.
Preparing Accounting And Other Required Reports And Projections Based On The Analysis Performed.
Evaluating Capital Expenditures And Asset Depreciation.
Establishing And Evaluating Records, Statements, And Profit Plans.
Identifying Financial Performance Trends And Financial Risk, And Making Recommendations.
Providing Recommendations For Improvement Based On Trends.
Coordinating With Other Members Of The Finance Team, Such As a Risk Analyst When Required To Review Financial Information And Forecasts.
Providing Financial Models.
Making Financial Forecasts.
Analyzing Inventory.


Bachelor's Degree In Business, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Or Related Field.
Proven Experience In The Financial Industry.
Proficiency With Spreadsheets, Databases, And Financial Software Applications.
Outstanding Presentation, Reporting, And Communication Skills.
Proven Knowledge Of Financial Forecasting And Diagnosis, Corporate Finance, And Information Analysis.
Proficient In Word, Excel, Outlook, And PowerPoint.
Comfortable Using a Computer For Various Tasks.
Proven Leadership Abilities.
Deep Understanding Of The Financial System And Institutions.