Our client is looking to engage an Independent Consultant, in the form of an engineering/procurement/construction (EPC) ) Engineer to support the organization in siting a manufacturing plant for an upcoming project. The role is based on a contractual agreement for the successful candidate. The goal is to thoroughly assess how the facility and property meet the company’s current and future process-specific operational requirements.

The main job responsibilities of the EPC engineer may include the following but not limited to:

 To independently lead and manage the task of siting a suitable warehouse/factory or
commercial building that can be inverted to a manufacturing plant with the least
 To conduct a thorough due diligence process analysis by weighing the costs of any necessary
site remediation and/or building modifications.
 To conduct a complete review of the physical structure, examining its configuration,
capacities, structural integrity, utility systems, code compliance, environmental and site
issues, etc.
 To be able to analyze existing layout drawings of the facility and ensure the following are
included utility, electrical, sprinkler and mechanical systems; floor and roof loads; ceiling
heights; column spacing; inbound and outbound loading docks; storage and warehousing
needs and office needs.
 To be able address access to the facility for workers, suppliers and distributors and review
for compliance with applicable code and regulations (building codes, fire codes, zoning, etc.)