Our client in Manufacturing and Retail is on the market for a Refrigeration Technician to join their team.

The incumbent will be responsible for installing, repairing, and troubleshooting refrigeration systems in homes and businesses. The ideal candidate will work on climate control systems such as HVAC units as well as refrigeration storage units, ice machines, and beverage equipment.

Refrigeration Technician Responsibilities:

-Processing and completing work orders.
-Contacting the client to ascertain their equipment needs.
-Ordering equipment supplies, repair modules, and sundries for the order.
-Reading and interpreting blueprints and compliance schematics.
-Installing climate control systems, refrigeration units, and beverage equipment.
-Observing and testing newly installed systems.
-Troubleshooting refrigeration equipment failures.
-Maintaining stock levels.
-Replacing worn seals, outer shells, and worn-out motors.
-Informing clients of repair costs and alternate cooling options

Previous experience as a Refrigeration Technician, Relevant academic qualifications and at least 3+ years experience in a similar role