Our client is looking to engage a Chief Surveyor to join their team. The ideal candidate will Supervise Mining and Contract survey staff. The incumbent will be working closely with Mine Engineering, Mine Operations, and Geology, Project Construction, and Land/Crop Comp/Environment departments. To supervise and train surveyors and survey assistants and to administer survey contracts.


Chief Surveyor must be able to perform all survey functions such as laying out blast patterns; flagging blasted materials; elevation control; survey control of pit and bench limits; surveying in support of geology and land/community/environment departments; and utilizing computer skills such as word processing and spreadsheets, ore control, dispatch reporting, Surpac and ACAD.

In addition, the Chief Surveyor is responsible for:

· Schedule shifts, vacations and training for surveyors.
· Supervision of the daily tasks of surveyors.
· Evaluation of employee performance.
· Administration of discipline.
· Approval of employee overtime sheet.
· Processing of employee timesheets.

Requirements: Qualification and Skill

Must have a minimum of 5+ years’ experience in surveying and engineering calculation, in a mining environment.
2 - 4 years of tertiary degree or relevant experience on skill sets above is required.
Basic knowledge of mine design and optimization.
Must be well versed in the operation of survey equipment
Must be knowledgeable in mine operations, mine planning and survey functions.
Must be able to use mine engineering software for performing various calculations including but not limited to volumes, ore control krige's, and dispatch reports, and be able to utilize Surpac /ACAD for engineering design and determinations.
Must be able to create a scope of work and manage a contract.