Our Client In The Security Sector Is Seeking To Hire An Operations Manager To Join Their Team. The Ideal Candidate Should Have A Bachelor’s Degree In Operations Management or Related Field.

Duties & Responsibilities;

Provide Inspired Leadership For The Organization.
Make Important Policy, Planning, And Strategy Decisions.
Develop, Implement, And Review Operational Policies And Procedures.
Help Promote a Company Culture That Encourages Top Performance And High Morale.
Oversee Budgeting, Reporting, Planning, And Auditing.
Work With Senior Stakeholders.
Ensure All Legal And Regulatory Documents Are Filed And Monitor Compliance With Laws And Regulations.
Work With The Board Of Directors To Determine Values And Mission, And Plan For Short And Long-Term Goals.
Identify And Address Problems And Opportunities For The Company.
Build Alliances And Partnerships With Other Organizations.
Support Worker Communication With The Management Team