Our Client In The Construction Sector Is Seeking to Employ a Cost Accountant. Applicants Must Have At Least Three Years Experience In A Similar Position and Have a Degree in Accounting/Finance

Duties and Responsibilities
*Analyzing and gathering information to evaluate the effectiveness of financial procedures.
*Assisting in reducing monetary risks
*Creating and implementing reasonable financial policies.
*Supervising the younger monetary division staff and accounting procedures.
*Assisting in the preparation of economic reports and spending plans.
*Engaging in auditing and taxation techniques.
*Reviewing benefits and payment bundles.
*Ensuring that financial monitoring policies, and procedures, comply with regulatory requirements.
*Assisting in the security and confidentiality of sensitive and critical information.
*Keeping abreast of all regulatory requirements and the best methods in management accounting. Budgeting and reporting.
*Encouraging calculated preparation and company planning.
*Providing monetary evaluations and forecasting.
*Managing capital investment.
*Generating statutory and also administration accounts.
*Ensuring compliance with all monetary laws.
*Analyzing essential monetary information
*Generating economic declarations, including the capital, variation analysis, and commentaries.