Production Planner/ Controller

Our client in the manufacturing industry is looking for a Production Planner/ Controller to join their team. The incumbent shall be responsible for ensuring that raw materials, tools and process aids are available.

Duties and Responsibilities
Supervises the conversion team leaders to generate a well thought out optimized production plan.
Executes or realizes the production planned as per the outlined sequence of production activities from Extrusion and conversion adhering to scheduled timelines
Manage conversion bill of materials to ensure cost effective production and world class product specifications. Prescribes controls and systems to be performed for all production processes from input material to finished products (Conversion section).
Produces weekly and monthly conversion reports.
Attends to and investigates customer complaints as far as conversion is concerned.
Co-ordinates institution of corrective actions and preventive actions that are related to product process schedules/ bottlenecks at conversion.
Ensures that production planning and execution is managed and maintained in a manner consistent with the requirements Food Safety Management Systems.
Initiates and conducts projects that improve the throughput, product lead times, machine allocation, related scheduling and minimizes waste.
Increasing (maximizing) conversion throughput. Communicate operator performance levels. Hold subordinate staff accountable for performance.
Reducing (minimizing) Waste levels. Minimize rejects through control of relevant process parameters, and machinery service and repairs. Elimination of unnecessary stoppages and planning changeovers optimally.
Housekeeping, Health and Safety Machine work allocation and product scheduling.
Will be required to conduct time and work studies so as to generate targeted corrective actions to manage aspects of throughput waste and any other fundamental key result areas as per the need.
Minimizes time lost to changeover by supervising people and equipment. Manages shift changeovers and operator productivity.
Implements hourly/daily throughput and waste monitoring and recording (as per time sheets and white boards). Ensure operators take ownership for waste reduction and are held accountable for high waste production.
Generate job cards for all machine breakdowns and communicate with the maintenance teams. Close all job cards after machine repairs.
Liaises with the printing and extrusion teams in order to manage waste at conversion.
Reports production and machine performance at every shift end. Ensure accurate recording and checks input data accuracy and completeness

Qualifications and Experience
Degreed in Operations/Production Engineering or related.
Energetic individual fit for a fast-paced factory, aged 26 to 35.
Experience in the packaging is very distinct advantage