Our client in the mining industry is looking to engage a Minerals Resource Manager. The role will be responsible for continually defining, identifying and delivering value by assessing, securing and managing the geological resources of the Pipeline Projects.
The position also seeks to support resource and reserve growth in a predictable and sustainable manner through establishing a resource assessment, identification and conversion program for the Pipeline Projects and other opportunities that present from time to time.

Job Description:

Drive the pre-feasibility and feasibility work for Pipeline projects and other opportunities that present from time to time.
Responsible for continually identifying and delivering value by securing and managing the Pipeline geological resources.
Design multiyear resource reserve upgrade drill plan aligned to operations 3- 5-year growth plans and targets
Drive budget input and promotion of capital funding for drill programme (diamond core preferable so as to acquire structural information) and reserve development over a period of years, including development of handling infrastructure and refinement of process systems
Execution of drilling programme in an annual phased approach with Year 1 results informing Year 2.
Implement the agreed drilling and other programs to provide resource and reserve estimates.
Reconcile plans covering the proposed entire mining value chain and infrastructure, as defined in relevant international guidelines such as SAMREC, JORC and NI 43-101.
Organize multi-disciplinary teams to deliver the operational, exploration and evaluation reporting process according to relevant international guidelines such as JORC.
Ensuring Pipeline geological work is digitalized driving and ensuring appropriate record keeping in a safe and ordered manner.
Developing and recommending strategies and budgets for land acquisitions and other projects to develop the resource/reserve position of the group.
Managing and supporting a multi-disciplinary team, giving enough autonomy and showing clearly their input in the tasks and the preparation of work.
Delivering high-level view supported by clear and concise reporting to all levels of management.

Responsibilities, Skills and Experience:

Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Geology, Mining or Processing Engineering with proven experience in operations and managing technical teams.
Minimum 5 years proven industry experience in mining operations, preferably gold and / or other precious metals.
Minimum professional accreditation with a suitable organization or body to qualify in time as a competent person in any of the SAMREC, JORC and NI 43-101 guidelines.
Capable to work with Geology software.
Understand the exploration Geology and Mining of greenstone belts.
Strong digital preference in ways of working.
Understand the mineral industry, mass flows, chemistry and value chain of gold processing.
Capacity to organize and execute multiple projects linked to current operations and growth in an efficient manner.
Capacity to adapt to the constant changes and demands of the Zimbabwean business environment.
Ability to clearly communicate to Senior Management.