Our Client in FMCG Sector is looking for a detail-oriented quality control manager to ensure the manufacturing production lines run smoothly and generate a consistently suitable output of products that meet quality and efficiency standards.

Duties & Responsibilities:
.Gaining an understanding of the client's needs and requirements and communicating them and the quality standards to the production teams.
.Devising ways to improve the manufacturing process to ensure higher-quality goods.
.Devising, improving, and reviewing new specifications and procedures for products or processes, and training staff to use them.
.Setting the requirements for raw materials from suppliers and monitoring their compliance.
.Supervising inspectors, technicians, and other staff members and providing guidance.
.Ensuring legal obligations are followed and ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies and with health and safety guidelines.
.Overseeing product development procedures to identify any deviations from quality standards.
.Inspecting the final output, comparing it to the requirements, and approving or rejecting the final products.
.Keeping accurate documentation and performing statistical analysis.
.Gaining feedback from the clients, attending meetings, submitting reports, and assisting external auditors and inspectors.

.A bachelor's degree in science or business-based programs.
.Previous experience in production or manufacturing.
.Experience in business administration may be advantageous.
.Strong attention to detail, observation, organizational, and leadership skills.
.In-depth knowledge of quality control procedures and legal standards.
.Strong knowledge of mathematics, data analysis, and statistical methods.
.Excellent communication and listening skills