Our client in the Manufacturing Sector is looking to hire a Sales Agronomist. The Incumbent must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience working in agricultural advisory services, preferably in the horticulture sector, both with companies and with smallholders and he/she must have a Bachelors degree or an HDN in one of the following: plant sciences, agronomy or horticulture or any such related qualification. Candidate must have relevant experience in sales and farmer training (development, training, evaluation, setting up field demonstrations and trials, good writing, communication and facilitation skills)

Key responsibilities
• Identifying new potential growers and selection and screening of existing growers
based on past performance.
• Monitoring and tracking of all contracted growers and reporting on progress or
lack of it.
• Facilitating contractual agreements and contractual compliance with the selected
growers based on the approved cropping programme.
• Coordinating deliveries/ collections from contracted farmers.
• Training of out growers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in line with Food
Safety Standards.
• Developing and monitoring crop budgets/production costing models in line with
best in class crop production.
• Developing out-growers’ agri-business skills.
• Promoting and participating in farmer field days and shows.
• Recommending out-growers or schemes to participate in the Input scheme in
accordance with the requirements of the Agronomy policy.
• Disbursing inputs to approved farmers in accordance with the approved cropping
plan or programme and records maintenance.
• Ensuring full recovery of input loans advanced to out growers.
• Identifying potential non-contract produce suppliers based on factory
• Conducting timeous crop/produce market watch and price comparisons.